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Six Facts to know about David Smalling

David Smalling has spent the last 40 years working to support his family as an electrician, as a union member as a small business owner, from working with tools in commercial and industrial wiring to a field electrical inspector in the oil and gas fields of Texas, the US and in Iraq proudly supporting the troops. He spent a year traveling the country training the trade under the NEC.

In 2014, David Smalling was standing on an elevated metal platform at a jobsite that had been improperly secured and it collapsed. His injuries required multiple surgeries and 10 months off work, but he’ll tell you the hardest part of recovering was dealing with the insurance companies!

David Smalling has a disabled adult son who struggles daily with severe and multiple epileptic seizures. From ensuring his educational foundation in formative years to navigating the Medicaid and SSI systems for qualified personal care assistance necessary to meet his most basic subsistence needs, promote independence, recognizing that family support is essential to sustaining his quality of life.

David Smalling is a life-long Republican, National Rifle Association Life Member and has his membership in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers placed in the IO.


Explore some of the key moments in David's run for U.S. Congress (district 35).

Nov 29, 2017

Filed as Candidate

David Smalling filed as a candidate for the 35th Congressional Disctrict in the 2018 Election.

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Mar 6, 2018

2018 Primary

Mr. Smalling will take part in the 2018 Primary if he has an opponent.

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Nov 6, 2018

2018 Election

David Smalling will face his opponent in the 2018 Election for the United States Congress, District 35.

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David Smalling For Congress Intro Video

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